Are you missing the moment?

Are you too busy to really enjoy your life?
Are you missing your child’s childhood or deep connection with your partner?
Are you stuck on the ‘stress’ rollercoaster feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Is it time to come home … to yourself!

I had a light bulb moment the other day. One of those moments where I realised how much I have shifted in the last ten years…. thank goodness!
Change can be sudden and intense as often happens when we have a wake up call. It can be when we are thrown in the deep end with a severe illness or traumatic news where we have no choice but to change the way we live our lives.
Transformation can also be be gentle and subtle! We start listening to our bodies, shedding old unhealthy behaviours and beliefs and somehow reconnect to a deeper part of ourselves.
It feels like coming home – to yourself!
The other day while trekking in the beautiful Blue Mountains I had the realisation of the enormous shifts that have subtly taken place deep within me over the last ten years.
Have a listen to the video as I share this light bulb moment and the impact it has had on my life:)