Walking along a pristine bush track the other day I was spellbound by the stillness and yet incredible aliveness of nature. Nothing much was actually happening… but as I slowed down and connected in I was aware of the sounds, smells and movement that was everywhere. It was a moment of pure pleasure where I felt one with nature and the world.

I was jolted out of this magic moment by some people speeding by, as if on a mission. They appeared absorbed in thought, missing the beauty of the moment, and it made me think about how we miss so much in life when we are stuck in the busyness of our minds.

All the things we have to do, should do, didn’t do. All the worries about what others think of us, how we are not up to scratch? How we judge ourselves and others without even realising the internal pain that its causing us.

All of these unconscious habits keep us separate from what we really want in life …. connection with our loved ones, our kids, our beautiful world and especially with our  SELF.

Stilling the mind is easy to say, yet it takes the willingness to stop and be present which is an alien concept for many of us. Especially if we are being driven by deeper unresolved feelings such as fear, anger or sadness that can hijack our minds and keep us stuck in a painful and often downward spiral.

This is where Journey work is so beneficial. It guides us to release the painful past so we can live more present and aware in this wonderful NOW.

What a gift to give our children … so they don’t have to lug their unresolved pain with them through adolescence, where the problems just get bigger, and on to adulthood … living their lives through the lens of the inner emotions that are driving behaviour and creating separation from their shining potential.

As always it starts with ourselves! No matter how old you are, bring your conscious awareness to any unhealthy patterns of reactivity or shutdown, to the busyness of the mind … and catch yourself in the old game. So pause, breathe and acknowledge your feelings and feel them … always with compassion for yourself.