Before becoming a Journey practitioner and counsellor I worked for over 10 years as a naturopath. Having been a sick child myself and hospitalised for many months I had a deep desire to help kids be healthy and whole. I knew full well the fear and confusion that kids go through when they are sick and how if not handled compassionately it can have negative emotional ramifications for years to come. It certainly did with me.

After years of healing the physical body as a naturopath I began to realise that the emotional and psychological ‘bodies’ had a major role to play in the way the physical body healed or got sick.

When my daughter was born I had a personal, first hand experience of this as she was born with chronic eczema all over her little body. As a naturopath I was able to help her markedly but the condition still flared if she ate anything less than the perfect diet that I gave her.

I started to have a nagging and very unpleasant gut feeling that I was the cause of her eczema. Not me persay but the deep suppressed anger I felt when I was pregnant with her as my marriage was falling apart.

The eczema lasted for 5 years until by strange chance I met Brandon Bays and started Journey work … on myself AND Joelle. I was able to release my suppressed anger and fear and come to a place of forgiveness for what had taken place. I felt free and whole and friends said I was back!

Within a couple of weeks the eczema softened and within a few months it disappeared … even when she ate the odd sinful food!

As I started to incorporate Journey work into my naturopathic practice I saw recurring tummy aches magically disappear, ear problems subside, breathing issues ameliorated as well as a host of other conditions which had been triggered by unresolved, suppressed or disallowed emotions. The new science of epigenetics now shows this to be true but in those days I had no guide but my gut knowing and the happy, healthy kids I was witnessing.

As I continued working with kids over the years I started to notice an interesting coincidence. When I also worked with the parent, the child’s condition improved more rapidly. As the parent let go of their anger through Journey work, they became happier and less volatile ….. and so did their kids. As the parent let go of anxiety, fear and inner wounding of all sorts, the children became freer, more confident and happier within.

I can’t adequately express my constant amazement at Journey work in releasing emotional and psychological pain that may have been buried decades ago but which continues to adversely affect lives. By clearing the pain and the associated limiting beliefs we can live the life we choose and be the parent, partner, human being that we always wanted to be.

If this speaks to you, and if your kids are in need of support or you just want to give them tools to stay on track, check out the ongoing Journey for Kids and Parents workshops around Australia.

And for those of you who want to dive in the deep end, join me at ‘The Journey Experience’ – a 2 day workshop where you will release the emotional pain, turmoil or stuckness that is holding you back and guide you to reconnect to the authentic, shining and free you!