I’m naturally quite shy and reserved. A very lengthy hospitalisation as a child left me with a deep seated anxiety that became a constant companion every time I stepped out of my comfort zone and attempted something new. So my natural response became a  big NO … until I had thought about it, reflected, stewed over it and finally realised that it may be possible. But I missed many opportunities in my relentless quest for security, safety and protection.

Then 19 years ago I met Brandon Bays … and … after a few blow away Journey processes I found myself starting to say YES to life. It was a cautious YES at first but after releasing more and more of my old fears the inner walls started falling away and the YES became firmer and clearer.

It started feeling like I was flowing with life instead of living trapped in the old resistances to anything that was even remotely scary. As I got out of my own way and said YES to opportunities (in work, in relationships, in life) I began to step beyond my tightly held comfort zones and live the life I am here to live.

It hasn’t always been easy! I have been challenged many times. My egoic self has been terrified and desperately tried to keep me in the old paradigm of pseudo safety and numbed out living. But thank god that something much bigger than me kept me on track following the breadcrumbs that my soul has always been offering. I just never saw them before!

We all have a shining radiant potential that is calling us home to all we can be. Take the lampshade off yourself … and while you’re at it, take it off your kids too so they can grow up fully expressed as an expression of their true selves.