Just over a year ago I was struck by one of those magic moments that completely changed the course of my life.
And it was all because of the goats!

My partner David and I had a few free days between workshops on the north coast of NSW. We decided to go for a relaxing meander around the magnificent countryside west of Byron Bay to drink in the beauty and high energy of the gorgeous hinterland.
The first night we found ourselves in a picturesque BnB on an absolutely beautiful mountain, abounding in wallabies, pure air and pristine energy. After a super busy year I found myself melting into the stillness and expansive beauty of this gorgeous land. It had everything … except the phone reception we needed to contact people at our next workshop.

The owners told us to follow the dirt road up the mountain where we would get reception, but as we drove up the road we were stopped by a herd of feral goats!
The alpha male looked at David and bleated knowingly. In the same instant David noticed the For Sale sign just behind the goat and his phone sprang into life with a resonant ting! Without thinking he dialled the number on the sign…. and was answered immediately with an offer to check out the property.

Within a few hours we found ourselves walking around the most magnificent property, 180 degree views across a vast timeless valley surrounded by soaring mountains to every side.
The creek was flowing freely, and a waterfall was tumbling over ancient volcanic rocks that had carved an enchanting gorge into the rainforest, populated with ancient forests of towering red ceders, eucalypts and other exotic indigenous plants.
We were totally mesmerised by the beauty of the property … but the thing that drew us in the most was the energy of the land.
It pulsates with aliveness and high vibration energy and we both knew that we were being called to a brand new chapter in our lives.

Over the last year it feels like we have been on a journey of initiation … as if we have to earn the right to be on this powerful mountain. We have done weeks of exhausting bush regeneration, had encounters with lots of wildlife as I’ve been immersed in the bush clearing … and several injuries to top it off. But we are now into the next stage and hopefully by the end of the year we will be getting close to sharing our vision, which feels like a divine coming together of all the healing work I have done over the last 25 years.

For me the great teaching that I have received from the land is to follow my heart. We didn’t know how we could possibly afford the land or why we would even want it, but something deeper and much more powerful than the negative voice in my head was resonating in my heart and my deeper knowing had no doubt that it was meant for us.
And over the past year we have followed the breadcrumbs from one serendipitous moment to the next. And I’ve got to say that it is finally all making sense and we can glimpse the divine plan, that I will share as it reveals itself more clearly.

So follow your heart, let your inner knowing be the guide rather than the limiting worries of the mind.
Bring your awareness into the present moment … lean into your body …. and pause …. and breathe…. and enjoy …

This is the realm of magic …. where our ‘real’ dreams are manifested and lived!