As the days shorten and the light of the sun heads north it is time to get out the winter woollies, cosy slippers and snuggle. Whether you are a parent, a partner or a child yourself there is nothing better than a good snuggle to warm the heart and soothe the soul.

Kids need snuggles … Parents need snuggles … We all do!

The very nature of snuggling is bringing your full presence to the moment and being with another in a way that brings comfort, calm and warmth. It is an open-hearted act of connection that wordlessly conveys the message that –

  • I feel safe with you,
  • I care for you,
  • You are special to me,
  • I want to be with you.

These are priceless messages for children! They shape their self-worth and develop neural pathways that lay healthy foundations for emotional and social intelligence for the rest of their lives. Snuggles slow kids down and offer them a delicious pause in the busyness of the day, bringing them into the moment….. a warm and nurturing moment that is full of love.

For parents it is a precious offering to your child … and to yourself. Life can be so busy and sometimes we can’t even find time to stop for a moment, let alone a few minutes, and connect.

Does this sound like you?

If so, make a commitment to allow yourself to have some snuggle time in your day. It doesn’t have to be for long, just a few minutes will do, when you bring your full attention, your full presence and your full awareness to the moment and connect with this little one that you love so much … and enjoy!!!

I have always thought of snuggles as being part of my daily meditation. A time when I could just stop and allow my body and being to settle and regroup as it needed … and I could feel this happening for my daughter as well. I loved snuggling on the couch with her hanging out in the present moment, and I know she did too.

It created the space for her to empty out the stress of the day, to share her worries, her hopes and her dreams. It felt like we were in our own little cocoon of connection where for those moments nothing else mattered and the all was well with the world.

Some of my fondest memories as a child are snuggling up with my mum. I felt so safe and content, a little joey snuggling up in mama kangaroos pouch. For me it was the best place in the entire universe.

So give yourself, your child and your loved ones the gift of snuggling. It’s free, it’s healing, it feels wonderful for everyone involved. 

This simple pleasurable act will nourish and nurture your kids at the deepest of levels. It lays the foundations for a delicious and lifelong connection of love, trust and respect for you both, deepening the relationship for years to come.