Mums come in all shapes and sizes and Mother’s Day can mean different things depending on how you were raised. For some of us it is a pure blessing to have been brought up by a mum who really ‘gets us’ and who we can always count on for love and support. For others, you may be separated by distance but that feeling of connection is always there,
… and for others there may be a feeling of loss, lack and a deep yearning for the mother you wanted but who wasn’t there for you the way you needed.

Mother’s Day is a day that can bring up all sorts of emotions!
If you resonate with this keep reading as even if you are decades past your childhood, that little child inside may still be crying out to a mummy who may have been just

  • too busy to connect with you
  • overwhelmed with life’s challenges
  • wracked with frustration, anger and resentment
  • anxious or depressed and stuck in a dark world
Or maybe she was there for you as the compassionate, courageous role model that shaped your life for the better.

The truth is that no mother is perfect. Every mother was raised by a mother who was only human and doing the best she could with the resources she was given. Every mother has challenges, some of which unconsciously got projected onto you.
Every mother also has a deep love in her heart for her child that she gifts as she can, even though she may be the product of a broken childhood herself.

In the sessions I facilitate my clients often realise that the pain of their mothers has been carried from generation to generation, passed on to the child like dirty laundry, a painful legacy of past struggles where we have no choice.

Or do we have choice?
Is it time to let go of the hurt and the judgement and step past the barriers of our ancesters conditioning onto a courageous and welcoming new path that beckons you forward into the life you choose.
It all begins with compassion and forgiving the pains of the past, forgiving mum for her foibles and forgiving yourself!

As sages have said throughout the ages, true healing starts with forgiveness. 

Whether you are the child or the mother, all children need to be seen, heard and acknowledged for who they are. It’s not about achievements and all that we ‘do’ in life, but it is being acknowledged for who we are that has the greatest impact on how our kids blossom and grow.

So I wish you all a beautiful Mothers day, full of warm, loving connections and heart-felt openings with this woman who has had such a profound influence on your life.

A simple practice to reconnect

In my work, especially Journey work, clients often go back to a younger version of themselves that felt unloved, unheard and unacknowledged. We’ve all had moments of this … some more than others! The healing finally begins when you reconnect with the suppressed pain of that younger you so you finally get to express the truth of what wasn’t able to be expressed as a child.

So if you get triggered this Mother’s Day (or any day for that matter), with challenging thoughts or painful emotions) then take a few moments to connect with yourself.

Find a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. Imagine your inner child in your lap. Connect with this little one … cuddle them … and let them know you understand how tough it was at times … how they felt unloved, anxious, scared or so alone.

You might even like to give the younger you a voice and let them tell you what it was really like for them. Open your heart and listen with compassion, holding space for the little you to express and empty out the pain … while you simply acknowledge them with love.

This is not about blame or shame in any way, just releasing the old pain that got shut down and relegated to the basement of your being, where it gets triggered every time certain buttons are pushed … Mother’s Day potentially being one of those!

As you connect, feel the little one inside relaxing as they receive your embrace … safe to open their heart feeling loved, hopeful and heard…..  and ready to walk with you on a fresh, new path, guided by your own compassion and deep inner knowing.