A brief video overview of Sharon’s work with Parents and Kids

Parent & Child

Conscious Communicaton & Connection

Do you want to deepen your relationship with your child?
Do you ever feel too stressed to really ‘be’ with your child?
Does your child’s behaviour leave you frustrated and stressed?
Does your child crave your attention when you are busy, overwhelmed or just plain worn out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this work can help you and your child

  • foster a deeper heart connection
  • release unhealthy blocks and beliefs
  • develop open, honest communication & self-expression
  • reconnect to the joy & love inside

When children feel connected to you, the parent, they feel safe and loved. In seeking out this connection they may act out in exactly the way that you don’t want, leaving you both feeling enraged, exhausted and disconnected.

The most effective and powerful teaching that your child can receive is healthy role-modelling from their parent. But how to do this when they are pushing your buttons, when you are busy, wrung out, tired, stressed or overwhelmed with the demands of life?

For PARENTS these programmes will guide you to

  • Reconnect lovingly & respond healthily
  • Regain your balanced composure
  • Parent from the heart and be the gardener of your child’s soul
  • Live in vibrant health and wholeness as a family

For CHILDREN they will be supported to

  • Express emotions healthily
  • Release unhealthy blocks or limiting beliefs
  • Connect with their inner light & greatness
  • Feel good about themselves and their world
  • Manouver childhood with grace and joy and ultimately grow to their fullest potential
Thank you Sharon, for bringing this amazing work to the world. I am so grateful for the love and connection it has opened between my child and I. I would recommend it to anyone! Including parents, schools, and anyone else who works with children

Isn’t it true that our children are born with unlimited potential?

And isn’t it true that as parents we wish for them to live this to the fullest?

This shining potential is always there, yet it often gets masked by painful childhood experiences that can leave children feeling insecure, scared, angry and confused, adversely shaping the rest of their lives. It is not so much what happens but how we deal with it, and there is no guide book telling children or parents how to act in challenging situations.

What to do in the face of bullying, how to act if your best friend decides they don’t like you anymore, if someone laughs at the picture that you thought you did so well, if mum and dad argue and you think it’s your fault, if your beloved dog dies and you have to be strong and keep all the sadness inside because you have to be brave …

They Children go through so many different experiences throughout childhood, some extremely positive and some extremely negative. They can experience joy, excitement and love, as well as anxiety, bullying, sibling rivalry, parental separation, anger, confusion and fears of all kinds. These issues shape their world and have a huge impact on the child’s self-esteem.

These suppressed emotions leak out throughout our lives in the form of anger, fear, sadness, depression, jealousy and abandonment. Often we have no idea where these feelings come from, but they can be extremely destabilising and overwhelm our lives in many ways.

As parents, we can have a major impact on our children’s ability to express their emotions. It is very healthy for children to be allowed to feel, express and release emotional pain if that is what is showing up in their life. What has come very clearly to me over the last few years is the immense power of a loving, deep connection with our children. By this I mean a sense of ‘being’ with your child, not just on the physical level, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So imagine if you could help your child to pierce through those negative emotions so they are free to connect with the shining potential that is always there.

Sharon guides you to do just that, and supports you and your child to connect deeply on all levels, giving them the emotional well-being to live life with confidence, contentment and joy.

The Journey for Kids

A magical fun-filled
day of transformation
for boys and girls
5-11 years

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The Journey for Parents

Powerful Journey
Work for Adults
to Liberate Kids of
All Ages

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The Art of Peaceful Parents

Deeper understanding,
connection & compassion
for yourselves and
your children

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Connecting Kids and Parents

For Parent &
Child together –
a deeper bond

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This workshop made it so easy to look at my parenting in a safe and non-threatening way. I feel I am one step closer to really being the best mum to my kids and in helping them grow into happy, healthy, balanced adults
I found the workshop so profound, so deeply moving and my heart is open and filled with love. The healing has begun. My 5 year old thanked me for bringing her to “ the best day ever”!! ! Need I say more. Thank you for helping me be real and present with my child.
I found the ‘’Connecting Kids & parents day retreat’’ to be above and beyond what I expected. By looking at ourselves I can see how we project our emotions onto our children or how we suppress our emotions and how we put our own expectations onto others. Today has really helped me look at myself and I can clearly see now where a lot of my actions have come from. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and heartfelt work with us.
My daughter Cassie has told me a couple of times today how glad she is that we came. As a dad it has been good for me to put everything aside for this day and just be with her. The adult sessions were a little deeper and more revealing for myself than I had anticipated, it certainly helped me to ‘get into’ the day and feel the deep love that I have for Cassie. I think Cassie and I will always share a deep connection through life because of this day.

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