Private mentoring with Sharon

‘My life has transformed…

and I feel peaceful and present for the first time.’

It takes time to break old dysfunctional habits and step freely into a new way of being. Studies have shown over and over that the best results are achieved when you devote a certain amount of time to your desired outcome….especially when it requires internal change.

I am thrilled to be able to offer mentoring to support you through this necessary transition so you can fully embody the change you want to become…. As a parent, a partner, a happy and fulfilled human being.

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Thank you for the sincere care and insight you always bring to our encounters. My sessions with you have helped me move from depression and anxiety to where I am today. I feel on track, whole and finally free.

After the Journey Work I experienced with Sharon my chronic digestive condition just vanished… and… better still, after years of searching, I finally found ‘me’.

Sharon is someone who we both trust and feel safe with. She has a particular gift with connecting with children and guiding us to a deeper bond.

Sharon is amazing, she shares so much and speaks from truth. I feel safe with Sharon to express whatever I need to.

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The Art of Peaceful Parenting by Sharon Turton