Brandon Bays photoSharon, a highly experienced and motivated practitioner of personal growth and self awareness, is a living example of the possibilities available to each of us when we fully recognise and clear out our own blocks, issues and limiting beliefs which have been keeping us separate from living life fully expressed as ourselves.
A shining example of living life as her true potential, Sharon’s passion for and dedication to working with people of all ages is the living inspiration for her work, born from her direct experience of working with thousands of clients over many years.
Brandon Bays
International Best-selling Author of The Journey™ and Consciousness The New Currency
Sharon your work is so pure, so spot on, so valuable and important! The loving space that you create is beautiful to be in and this is the work I have hoped for myself and my child for a long time now. I love where you come from – it is the stuff I try to practise every day but get so mesmerised by the busyness of life. This work feels like a big supportive hug to keep me going as the person I want to be.
Open, relaxed, unpredictably exciting, safe!. Much more about Olivia and my journey to discover but we are ‘’connected’’! For the day- even a greater thanks. Still synthesizing the days experience but certainly a real eye opener for me and a life changing experience – I will be a better parent for it and Olivia will benefit from me being a better parent.
Sitting in the sacred space held so beautifully by Sharon reminds me of the simplicity of coming home. I was able to explore how coming home to myself and connecting with me allows me to have the greatest connection with my child and my partner. I loved having regular sessions, allowing time to integrate and reflect each week, and gradually opening to my authentic self.
The work Sarah has been doing with Sharon has definitely aided her rehabilitation. Today she participates in all activities with energy and excitement! She is a shining example of how this gentle healing work can be transformative in the lives of even very young and very unwell children.
Christopher used to be reluctant to express his feelings and was really quite uptight. Over the past year after working with Sharon, I have noticed how much freer he is to express verbally how he is feeling and cope with his emotions well. Straight after a journey process there is a real serenity about him.
I wanted to say thank you for our time together, for the sincere care and the love and insight you bring to our encounters. I always feel that from you Sharon, and that alone is a profound healing agent. Our sessions have played an important role in my life and helped me to move on to where I am today. You helped me so much and I wanted to share that with you.
My 9 year old son was showing separation anxiety and was still sucking his thumb. Just 2 days after his first journey session he announced that he was going to stop the thumbsucking, and he did! After another 2 sessions he was much more relaxed, more co-operative and is now OK about going on school camp, whereas before it really frightened him.
The most amazing weekend of my life! Learning to deal with and forgive issues I have been carrying all my life. I feel free and brand new, ready for life. I recommend to anyone and everyone.
A gentle yet most powerful weekend of self-discovery. No prior experience needed to go very deep into an understanding f self. Sharon has the most gracious way of guiding people through the process. Highly recommend!
Totally liberating. A must for all, regardless of age, race, religion, beliefs, experiences.
It was such an exhilarating and emotional journey for me this time. It cleared a lot of emotions and helped me clear a lot of baggage of grief and loss that I clearly needed to release so that I may move onto a more peaceful and happier future. It was a pleasure to have met Sharon and her team of wonderful trainers and I look forward to more workshops to enrich my life.
Thank you for creating a space where I was able to let go and forgive so that I can move forward and live a life of authenticity.

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