I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s- I loved the wild abandon of breaking out …. loved the fledgling music festivals that were just starting up and all that went with them … cheesecloth dresses, barefoot and braless …  all abounding in nature and connection.

I feel like I am revisiting that sacred time after decades of living in huge cities around the world – Tokyo, Paris and Sydney … as my heart has always always been longing for the freedom of nature and our magnificent Australian bush.

The difference between back then and now is a good 40 + years of life experience – some good, some bad, some amazingly liberating, some devastatingly painful … but with it all has came deep learnings, awareness and wisdom that I yearned for back then when I was youthful and pretty.

The exterior looked good …the long, straight, brown hair so fashionable at the time … and the skin brown as a berry, so brown that I used to look like Pocahontas, as well as abundant energy and vitality that was always available in my strong body.

Yet the truth was that I was so unsure of myself! I felt small, fearful and anxious … so tightly held within that the freedom I truly sought seemed to be a million miles away … even though it appeared that I had it all together.

I am currently having a huge wake up call in my life, thanks to a skin cancer on my face that I cannot hide from. It has left me with a scar on my cheek that at present is very obvious.

As I walked around the shops this morning feeling shy with my scar, I had an epiphany! I clearly got it on a deep visceral level that I am not my appearance, I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions.  These things all come and go and don’t define who I am… unless I let them! 

I looked into my eyes and I saw a light burning so brightly and I felt my heart bursting, so full of gratitude for all the precious gifts I have in my life.
These are the unwrapable gifts that dwell within that have offered me the wisdom and the presence to come home to who I really am. These are the most profound gifts to give your kids and loved ones this Christmas. And it all starts with coming home to YOURSELF!

So fill your Christmas stockings with heart connection, gratitude and your true presence. These gifts don’t cost money but they are always available when we slow down and connect within.

And from this place of inner connection they radiate out to your kids and loved ones through your shining eyes and open loving heart….. and you will find that it all comes back to you tenfold!

This is what magic is made of and the Christmas memories we really want to remember!