Would you agree that this year is flying by!
I swear time is speeding up. Even kids are saying time is going fast. Our holidays seem shorter, the weekends zoom by and there is little or no time to just ‘be’.

However – there is a secret to time! A time worn secret to slowing time down! It is as old as the hills and as elusive as catching rainbows…. but it works. It only takes a moment to implement … and all it requires is your full awareness and your full presence.
That’s not so hard is it ????
It requires your willingness to drop your agenda, put down your load, let the mind slow down…. and STOP.

It sounds so simple … and on one level it is. Yet the mind can be so controlling and it loves to be in charge. I don’t know about you but my mind likes to control everything… everything I have to do, should do, didn’t do…. Even when I ‘think’ I am in charge, my mind is generally running its old programming in the background….thinking it is holding it all together and ultimately keeping me safe.
In fact science has shown that this is exactly what the mind does. All our past experiences that haven’t been resolved healthily run in the background like an old fashioned tape recorder, keeping us stuck in a fear based, overly controlled paradigm that holds us back from being all we can be. The sad thing is it holds our loved ones and our kids stuck in this place too and they live their life in the shadow of our unmet emotional baggage.
Brandon Bays, pioneer of Journey work, says the nature of the mind is fear, doubt and judgement. This ties in perfectly with what psychologists call the negativity bias, where we are much more prone to be influenced by negative thoughts, emotions or traumatic events than positive events with an equal intensity.
The easiest and most powerful way through this murky unconscious swamp is to meet the old baggage in a safe and compassionate way, turning the spotlight on it and going about a process of consciously emptying out the old pain and releasing it. Then the body, mind and being can find new, healthy and empowering ways to ‘be’ and move forward in life the way you consciously choose.
This is the offering of ‘The Journey’. Thousands of people around the globe have experienced the power of this work in reconnecting us to our true nature and inner peace.
As the mind slows down in the knowing that it is safe to stop and experience the beauty of this present moment … the body and being relaxes… we can breathe more easily …. and time magically expands.
Give it a try and let me know how you go.
And if you would like any support along the way then join me at the next Journey Intensive weekend in Sydney, 15-16th October, to support you to reconnect to your timeless, peaceful and empowered flow. 
For more details on ‘The Journey Intensive’ weekend, see https://sharonturton.com/work-with-me/the-journey