Do you sometimes feel like no matter how much you strategise, organise or try to control … things just don’t go to plan?

Relationships and parenting are prime examples of this as when dealing with another human being there is always the chance of misunderstandings and miscommunication that can lead to upset, hurt or total bewilderment.

It can also happen as it did for me yesterday while skiing! I am a very average skier having only started a couple of years ago, and not being a kid anymore I try to keep as safe and in control as possible. But a set of random and unexpected events led me to a very steep, very narrow and very icy track … way out of my comfort zone, and …   Guess the rest!

Stuff happens in life that is beyond our control. Relationship chaos, parenting mayhem and unwanted accidents. The question is what are you going to do when the unexpected crosses your path? Are you going to resist ‘what is’, rant, rave and try to control … or are you going to listen to your deeper knowing of what needs to happen in this moment for the highest and best of everyone concerned?

A wise sage once said, ‘Know what comes unexpectedly  is a gift from God, and if you use it wisely it will surely serve you’.  I am certainly being reminded to slow down and stay home in my SELF, grounded, present and connected!  If I am not mindful with my movements my wrist hurts and brings me right back into this moment.

The other thing that is helping me is to ‘breathe’ … full deep breaths to come back into the body, back into balance, back into the  present moment.

When we are in flow with our kids, our loved ones, our body  (or the mountain), life can feel so wonderful. But when we find ourselves in challenging situations bringing up fear, anxiety, anger, inadequacy it can feel as if we are taking a big step backwards.

It is then that we get hijacked by our subconscious emotional responses which get triggered before we are even aware.

So even though the old reactive you may be resisting it, bring your SELF into the PAUSE … and take a few deep BREATHS before you respond to your child or loved one or whatever the situation may be. You will find that both of you remain more neutral, without the escalation that can easily happen when triggered … and the precious connection remains intact.

As for me … I plan to listen to my body more … and when it is ready and willing I will mindfully get back on those skis. 🙂