Counselling & Eco-Psychology

Sharon is a professional counsellor and psychotherapist. She has experience working with a range of client presentations including trauma, self-esteem, parenting, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse and addictive behaviour.

Sharon takes a client centred approach to her therapeutic interventions and uses a variety of approaches depending on the clients specific needs and issues. Sharon works together with the client in a collaborative approach, for the best outcome of the emotional and psychological needs of the client.


“As a counsellor and family therapist, I work both individually with adults and children as well as group work with parent + child or the whole family. We address challenging patterns of behaviour enabling change where desired, and better ways of being, communicating, connecting and living.”
My daughter has been working with Sharon for the Past 3 months, doing counseling, sandplay and Journey work. We have seen a profoundly positive shift in her anxiety levels.
I come to Sharon whenever I feel wobbly in my life and I always come away feeling balanced again.
Counselling with Sharon can take many forms. She works energetically and seems to know exactly what I need when I come… whether that be holistic counseling, naturopathic advice, a nurturing massage or Journey work.
Family sessions with Sharon have healed a deep rift that was tearing our family apart. We now actually hear each other and our fractured family is slowly healing.

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The Art of Peaceful Parenting by Sharon Turton