Looking back over the last few decades, there have been a few specific moments that have changed the whole course of my life.

Opportunities I have taken, choices I have made that have moved me forward or held me back.

What moments have impacted you and stirred you to make a change?

Opportunities come all the time but if you don’t stop to reflect or to listen deep within, you miss the moment that can change everything.

Just as these moments affect ourselves, they also affect our children and our loved ones. We all want the very best for our lids but often the constraints of modern life stops us from following our hearts and being the partner or the parent our kids really need.

So often in my counselling and Journey practice I hear how childhood issues, especially parental disconnect, busyness or out of control emotions, have had such a debilitating effect on peoples lives, driving them to be perfectionists, workaholics, over-indulgers, needy, never good enough or a mixture of them all.

When our unconscious ego drives are in control (as they are for many of us), we do things and say things we would rather not. This leads to a disconnection with our loved ones, our kids, parents, friends and especially with ourselves.

But there is another way!

Imagine there is a fork in the road ahead, and you are faced with a choice. Do you go right or left?

The left is the path of no change… continuing your life as it is. Go down the path where there is no change … how does it feel a week from now … a month from now … a year from now… as nothing much has changed. Look around you. What is the quality of the light? How do you really feel?

Now, come back to the fork in the road and look the right hand path where you have made a conscious decision to follow your heart and take the opportunities that feel right for you. Walk along this path and feel how this feels…. a week from now … a month … a year … following your deeper calling and being true to yourself. Breathe deeply as you follow this path…feel how you are feeling. Look around you. What is the quality of the light? How do you feel?

Again, come back to the fork in the road, to the present moment, and make a decision as to which way you CHOOSE to go.

And if you choose the right hand path the opportunity is here to follow your heart and liberate yourself and your loved ones from emotional pain and negative mind talk that have been stopping you living from the life that you want.

Over the next few months there are a some wonderful Journey events being held around Australia. I invite you to come along, roll your sleeves up and dive in … and take some grounded, empowered steps along the path that is really calling you home.