The other day I did a fascinating course looking at the different voices within. Some are loving, empowered and kind, while others can be angry, pushy, perfectionist and impatient.
As a working mother for many years I remember how the ‘pusher’ and the ‘frustrated’ parts of myself were often in the forefront and running the show. While there certainly was a huge amount of love and affection that my beautiful little girl received, she was also living in the energy of my frustration, which could easily turn to irritation and anger when I was triggered.

I never really stopped and acknowledged that these unpleasant qualities were part of me … they were in my shadow and somewhat denied by the busy person that I was. Yet they reared their ugly heads more than I would care to admit…. with my child, my loved ones and with my SELF!

We all have these qualities! Part of being human is having access to the whole spectrum of emotions … the good, the bad and the ugly. The question is what do you do with the challenging feelings when they are triggered?

It is so important to ‘get real’ with our own hidden aspects so we don’t project them onto our kids or loved ones by blaming or shaming and insidiously eroding their sense of inner worth.
When we acknowledge even the nasty, selfish, impatient parts of our SELF (and we all have them), then we realise they are just like a tantruming child who needs compassion and a big hug.

This the first step towards empathy, and understanding the deeper feelings that are driving the unconscious behaviour, in our kids, our loved ones and ourselves.

The thing is your kids or loved ones will trigger you … some will trigger you again and again and again! What an amazing spiritual practice they are offering you, where even in the chaos of life you get to consciously acknowledge your flaws, without denying them or blaming them on someone else, and choose how you want to show up and parent this child that you may not always like … but who you love so very much.

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