Connecting Kids & Parents Day Retreat –
for Parent + Child 5-11 years

It is a day of releasing, realising and connecting, where parents will gain a deeper awareness about themselves and their parenting, and the children will learn to express emotions healthily and connect with their own inner potential.

Part of the day parents and children are together, and part of the day we work in separate groups. The children will do experiential activities to express and connect with their inner goodness and light, and parents will be guided through meditation and reflective work to look deeply at ourselves, bringing awareness to any unhealthy patterns that we may be playing out with our kids.

The day finishes with a joyful and connecting heart activity so you and your child can go home with a newfound sense of lightness and sparkle, basking in each others company.

This special day will help you and your child to develop freer self-expression, release unhealthy blocks and limiting beliefs, and connect in the heart space – where true connection resides.

Thank you, Sharon, for the workshop. It was such a powerful experience for me. I knew that I needed something like this to help me connect more deeply with my 5 year old daughter. After the deep connections we had had through her early years, I could feel more and more distance growing between us, since the birth of my second child, and since finding myself cutting off from her in order to set clear boundaries as she explored and pushed into her childhood. The Connecting Kids work was just what I – and we – needed. The simple, practical, powerful exercises that you took us through, as parents, allowed me to find new tools and strategies for connecting with my daughter, while still fulfilling my role as a parent.


If you are interested in hosting a Connecting Kids & Parents Day retreat in your area, please call Sharon.

Really enjoyed deeply connecting not only with my child, but reconnecting with my own inner-child as well. Beautiful and rewarding day!

I would just like to say how amazing this special day has been and what a gift to share it with my daughter. It was wonderful to be shown tools to accept, embrace and be consciously aware of myself as a parent (warts and all).

The chance to have such bonding and re-connecting with my daughter is just priceless. I can’t thank you enough for giving us both an extra direction.

Thank you so much for giving my son and I an opportunity to share in a very special way and to introduce him to exploration and expression of his feelings, and for me the opportunity to become the parent that I choose to be.

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