The Journey for Kids 5-11years

“My 9 year old son Jack says the Junior Journey was the best day of his life. He’s now much more confident and happy in himself.”

So many people call asking advice on how to help their own child or the child of someone they know. We all see the shining potential inside our little loved ones and yet it is so painful to watch as they face the difficulties and challenges of growing up. We watch as our children close down and we are left feeling helpless – not sure what to do.

Sharon is the facilitator of the Junior Journey workshops in Australia. She also works in private practice in Frenchs Forest, Sydney or by skype with children of all ages.

The Journey for Kids

A magical fun-filled day of transformation for boys and girls 5-11 years
This empowering workshop will give your child the experience of their own limitless potential and let it shine onto all areas of their life – academic, social, creative – and they can feel good about who they really are.

The Junior Journey is a magical fun-filled day in which the children are empowered to liberate their own shining potential, journey-style. They will receive a one-to-one journey process as well as play-act, draw and partake in guided visualisations and meditations. This truly amazing day helps kids access their own wisdom, find answers borne from their own inner genius, discover their natural abilities and lets their spirits soar.

“As a helper at The Journey for Kids day, I witnessed children transform before my very eyes, I saw frowns turn into smiles, fears turn into confidence, anger turn into forgiveness and pain turn into freedom. It was a privilege and an honour to be there and the outcomes were nothing short of “Profound!”

The Junior Journey helps counteract the process of shutdown and withdrawal that can happen in the face of everyday experiences – such as peer pressure, bullying, loss, fears, failures, the trauma of separation or divorce, learning and behavioural difficulties, as well as dealing with the emotional cause of chronic physical conditions.

The day is filled with fun activities that gently invite the children to experience and welcome their own inner lightness and joy, while clearing out anything that may be obscuring it. There is huge support throughout the day, with one trained practitioner for every 2-3 children.

Activities during this one day workshop include:

  • Empowering confidence and self-esteem exercises
  • Creative and healing visualisations
  • Guided and inspiring kids’ meditations
  • Individual one-on-one kids’ journeys with experienced trainers
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ drawings
  • Uplifting singing, dancing and play-acting with dynamic instruction
I would like to tell you that my daughter has never been so content or happier within. She had been through a traumatic marriage break-up & breakdown of trust & respect with her father. We have had a long journey back to self. Your course was the icing on the cake that finally allowed her to open up & heal. I weep as I write because I had tried so many different ways to help her but this special day was priceless.
Since the Junior Journey Billie’s anger and fear has subsided INCREDIBLY! He has relaxed into our relationship again, and even when he tries to summon the old anger it doesn’t have the same heat. He listens more…so do I.
There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, heart and soul, that the single day of the Journey for Kids formed a catalyst for change and healing in our loving but fractured relationship. With love and a grateful heart.
Michael had been badly bullied for being bright but after the workshop he had the confidence to intercept some boys who were going to bully another boy and he says he now feels confident to speak up and ask for help. He is a different child!
On the Monday morning after the Journey for Kids workshop Jack had his school cross country race in which every year he has done very well and came 5th or 6th. This time, I am proud to say he came 1st! out of 40 and boy was he shining!! Wow, we are impressed.

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