Mind Body Spirit Cleanse

Nourishing rejuvenation cleanse for mind, body and spirit

Give your body and being the gift of our 3 session rejuvenation workshop, where you will be transported to a blissful new you, feeling great and looking great.

Release, replenish and rejuvenate as we detox together, undergoing a nourishing cleanse on the physical level while letting go of old sabotaging beliefs and drives that may have held you back in the past. You will look and feel totally revitalised, vibrant and years younger.

Through the powerful combination of nutrition, meditation and process work you will release unwanted toxins and unhealthy practices that deprive your body of energy and vitality, and replace them with practices that raise your energy levels, revitalise your cells, replenish your life force and leave your body and being singing with vibrant health and wellbeing.

As a person who has struggled with finding her true self, after attending this workshop I can finally like the skin I’m wearing. Not just pieces of it but the whole package. I’m an amazing woman whose heart should be shared with everyone I meet, this workshop helped me to, not only see that but feel and be that woman. The universe in its most divine way has really tested my new found belief in self, and I’m proud to share that I’m still believing…..thank you Sharon your gift was amazing.

I hosted Sharon’s Detox Workshop at my home with a group of friends and clients. Sharon created a beautiful sacred space in the lounge room that seem to transport the surroundings to belong deeply to ‘just us’. There was a great balance between information that supports the physical detox and process work that held our deeper aspects, those which create connection to our sense of self and our actions. This group was amazing, with full authentic participation and such a pure safe holding by Sharon allowed individuals in the group to release and move mountains in their world. A month has passed and only yesterday did another participant share how it was a pinnacle point in her connected awareness right now. For me the effects were two fold; my physical body felt alive, clean and free of bloating, swelling and inflammation. On a deeper level I felt like I had honoured my ‘temple’ and I was clearer and more in tune. It has inspired me to make a commitment to myself to do a mini cleanse every 4 to 6 weeks. From these perspectives, it has been life changing.

This cleanse was amazing and just what I needed! I now feel so free of what was holding me from my full potential. Thank you Sharon for giving me a space where I was able to release all of my negative experiences and beliefs. I am truly honoured to have done this course with you.

I am extremely pleased to have met you and that I decided to participate in this workshop, as I always avoided exploring ‘me’- my hurt, my feelings, my habits. You as a teacher are wonderful because I am usually reluctant to share my inner feelings with a complete stranger. The techniques and information you shared with me will change me forever. Thank you so so much.

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