The Art of Peaceful Parents –

Day Retreat for Parents

On this inspiring workshop we will share the challenges of parenting and explore this dance of seeming paradoxes with our children. Unlike anyone else our kids can unleash in us our deepest compassion, love and joy… as well as our worst fears, sadness and anger.

On this special day you will gain:

  • insights into your child’s behaviour
  • insights into your reactions to their behaviour
  • tools to help you respond healthily when triggered
  • techniques to support your child to grow to their potential
  • a deeper connection with your child

The workshop will include the latest scientific research on brain development and how this affects our children’s ability (and our own) to self-regulate and effectively navigate the emotional waves of childhood.

Integral to this workshop are:

  • experiential activities
  • meditations
  • reflective work

– enhancing deeper understanding and compassion for yourselves and your children.

You will learn skills and gain tools to support deep connection with your children and loved ones, and partner them in navigating this amazing childhood journey with resilience, empathy and inner strength.

This workshop is run as a day retreat and also as an evening course over 7 weeks.

Sharon held a beautiful space for us parents to share and be ‘real’ about our struggles and our wishes for a loving connection with our children. The journey we took during the day dealt directly with some of my deepest struggles and allowed me to leave feeling beautifully reconnected with my son. Sharon’s workshop is an easy and safe way for parents to finally be the loving parent they’ve always wanted to be.
Thank you Sharon

The course challenges your thinking, but importantly allows you to concentrate on how you feel and the emotions that you project on your children. They may be rules and approaches you grew up with which act as a barrier to opening your heart and experiencing a connection with your child. Sharon gently leads you through a thoughtful and contemplative reflection to become aware of the influence and love you can experience with your child. I would recommend this day for all parents looking for the joy of your children and growth in family life.

I am deeply thankful for the tools I take away with me today for the future, not only for myself and my son, but also to share with other parents and children. Today has taught me a lot! I have acknowledged a lot about myself as a parent and being a better role model, and the imprint I have had on my child. I am grateful for the awareness of my emotional state and how quickly children pick up on that energy. Was a truly worthwhile day!

I absolutely love the simplicity and the profound support and wisdom in the 7 Steps. A Godsend for every parent!

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The Art of Peaceful Parenting by Sharon Turton