The Journey for Parents

Sharon is one of the leading practitioners and teachers in the world for The Journey work for Kids and Parents.

‘It’s so easy, effortless and encouraging with all permission to allow whatever is here’

This is a course for everyone, and is especially valuable for parents, care-givers, teachers and anyone who has children in their lives.

A delightful, joyous and freeing day where you’ll play like a child, all the while learning a multitude of invaluable tools that will help you set free the boundless potential of children of all ages. You’ll experience the process work first hand, which will enable you to use the work spontaneously and freely wherever needed in life.

The skills you learn are easy, practical, and can be used in all sorts of real-life situations, from dealing with emotional upsets and traumas, separation and divorce, school and learning difficulties, to handling behavioral problems, and even coping healthily with death and bereavement.

A fascinating, light-hearted 1-day workshop where you’ll learn and experience how to:

  • Unlock the boundless potential in children.
  • Set free your own natural childlike joy and exuberance.
  • Help children deal with a myriad of issues such as: bereavement, divorce, bullying, growing up, learning disorders, self expression.
  • Learn to empower children – boosting self-confidence and creativity.
  • Undergo ‘The Journey in the Classroom’ Process and ‘The Kids’ Journey’ yourself.
  • Learn spontaneous, on-the-spot process work for instant transformation and empowerment.
  • Play and laugh, all the while learning valuable skills you can use with all children in your life.
I really enjoyed The Journey for Parents. The practical tools were really helpful and creative. I really liked the presenter Sharon, her sharing her own experiences and stories illustrated the points really well, very inspiring.

Sharon was fantastic in the way she handled everything – it was seamless and effortless – she is truly a master at what she does and a real inspiration.

Thank you for an amazing day full of very ‘heart felt’ sharing about getting to the heart of children and the business of laughter, joy, and happiness…a lesson well learnt. I really got the message of catching my children doing something right and pointing to their diamond.

Thank you Sharon, you are a wonderful Journey teacher. I also work with children so I gained a lot of great information and really enjoyed the course.

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The Art of Peaceful Parenting by Sharon Turton