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Fostering a deeper connection


     Parent from the Heart and be the     

         Gardener of your Child’s Soul”

Through our interactive Kids and Parents products, services and on-line community, ‘Connecting Kids and Parents’ supports you to foster a deeper connection with your child. You will be guided to be the role-model your children need, (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically)  so they can grow up healthily in a loving home environment and live as their fullest potential.

This programme will guide you, the parent, to

  • Reconnect lovingly & respond healthily
  • Regain your balanced composure
  • Parent from the heart and be the gardner of your child’s soul
  • Live in vibrant health and wholeness as a  family

It will support your children to

  • Express emotions healthily
  • Release unhealthy blocks or limiting beliefs
  • Connect with their inner light & greatness
  • Feel good about themselves and their world
  • Manoeuvre childhood with grace and joy and ultimately grow to their fullest potential

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‘Connecting Kids & Parents’ book offers you practical tools

  • Interactive stories
  • Connecting Activities
  • Heart-Opening Meditations
  • Parental Guidance
  • The 7 Steps to a loving Connection with your child


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Like a child with an artist’s palette, you can dip in and out of this book, lightly dancing, playing and experimenting with the elegant collection of practical tools, fun activities, guided visualisations and interactive processes.

Brandon Bays

International Best-selling Author of The Journey™ and Consciousness The New Currency

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